Reinventing Plant-Based Meals This Veganuary

Reinventing Plant-Based Meals This Veganuary

| 28 JUN 22

Only two weeks into 2021 and we’re already breaking records! With over 500,000 sign-ups for Veganuary so far, more people than ever are starting their year off plant-powered. Now in its eighth year, Veganuary is no longer the newbie on the calendar.
Happily, there’s a wealth of advice out there for those starting out – check out our And we’re here to help make it easy.

Nature’s Finest Meat Alternatives

Now’s the time to experiment with new foods and discover your new go-to products.


This energy-rich tropical fruit is neutral in flavour and meat-like in texture: a perfect plant-based substitute in your favourite saucy dishes.

How to use it: This Thai Jackfruit Curry is a great place to start, and a good Chilli showcases how boldly jackfruit takes on punchy flavours, too. We also love sweet and smoky jackfruit balanced with cool cucumber in these Vegan ‘Duck’ Pancakes. Don’t have time to cook? Our ready-to-eat Jackfruit stew is quick, easy and packed full of flavour. 

Banana Blossom

A fibrous and nutritious tear-shaped fruit with mild flavour and flaky texture. Absolutely ideal for a vegan take on fish.

How to use it: Start with Vegan Fish and Chips (you’ll never go back!) and branch out into the likes of Vegan Fish Tacos. Yummy! 


(“say-tan”) is a dense, protein-rich food made from wheat gluten. Thanks to its uncanny resemblance to meat, you won’t believe you’re not eating the real thing!

 How to use it: Our ready-made, marinated Seitan pieces are a delicious addition to everything from stir-fries to salads to sandwiches. Send your taste buds to East Asia with this flavoursome Mongolian ‘Beef’

A Fresh Look at Old Favourites

Don’t forget the protein-power of legumes - give some of those old tins a new lease of life!

Chick Peas

So, you’ve already eaten ten tubs of hummus this week and fancy something a little different. How about these Sweet & Sour Chick Peas? Or you could take a walk on the sweet side and give these protein-packed Blondies a go.

Black Beans

If you’re a seasoned herbivore, you’ve probably eaten your fair share of black bean burgers. So why not try them dry-toasted and popped like in this Squash and Tomato number? This better-for-you Chocolate Orange Mousse is the perfect after dinner treat.

Beyond Food

While the focus of Veganuary is primarily diet, it’s a great opportunity to take stock and consider our impact more widely. Here are some other swaps we could make as conscious consumers.

  1. Buy in bulk. Reduce plastic and packaging by buying as big as you can store for non-perishables like laundry and hair washing products.

  2. Embrace second-hand. Opt-out of fashion waste by trading with friends or buying pre-loved. 

  3. Make your own. DIY skincare, face coverings, even clothes are all within reach via your favourite search engine.

  4. Shop savvy. Choose businesses that take their responsibility to the planet and its inhabitants seriously – look for fair-trade, sustainable, organic and ethical.

Are you participating in Veganuary this year? Let us know over on social!

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