The Beginners Guide to Veganuary: 5 Swaps to Ease you In

The Beginners Guide to Veganuary: 5 Swaps to Ease you In

| 28 JUN 22

The Beginners Guide to Veganuary

As organic foodie lovers we don’t buy into resolutions of restriction or diminishing diets. We do, however, love an opportunity to try something new. Veganuary began as a movement inspiring people to make the change from carnivore to herbivore for a month, and now swapping meat for plant-based alternatives for (at the very least) the month of January is a tradition being embraced by many. If this is your first time, let us help...


  1. Herbimore

The first step is the most obvious: enjoy more veg! Taking up a new way of eating can feel daunting, but opting out of meat doesn’t necessarily mean a whole new repertoire. Simply swap out your usual meat ingredient for a favourite vegetable, bean or pulse. We’re big fans of mushrooms and cauliflower as substantial veggies with the versatility to take on big flavours.


  1. A word on jackfruit

Jackfruit, since its rise in popularity, has become a vegan mainstay and the incredibly meaty flesh makes it the perfect Veganuary swap. Packed with all the essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals and fibre, you can find it on many a supermarket shelf ready marinated and used as the main event within vegan ranges. Or prepare the fruit yourself in a myriad flavours and spices, as a meaty topping on sweet potato fries, or thrown into a soup.


  1. Dairy

Beginners can stumble at the dairy hurdle. Butter on your toast, milk in your tea: these little changes can feel hard to swallow but the alternatives can be even more satisfying. Instead of your usual butter on your morning toast, try spreading Raw Virgin Coconut Oil with a sprinkling of sea salt, and topping with smashed avocado with chilli flakes, or thickly spread organic peanut butter. There are a growing number of milk alternatives out there too - we favour oat milk on cereal and coconut in our cappuccino.

  1. Comfort Food

Going vegan doesn’t mean giving up your go-to favourites. Cooking up delicious new ways of preparing old faithfuls can be an exciting way of finding new ingredients and flavour combinations. Pizza, burgers, sushi, pasta and curry are all vegan staples and you might even find you prefer this intensely flavoursome, colourful way of eating...

Vegan BBQ Jackfruit Pizza

Vegan Sushi

Smoky Tomato Veggie Pasta

BBQ Jackfruit Burgers with Avo Slaw

Sweet Potato and Tofu Thai Curry


  1. Sweet tooth

Vegan treats and sweets are one of the best things about being vegan! The delicious desserts and cakes on offer are endless. Whipped coconut cream is a sensation worth missing out on your usual dairy for, and the heavenly combination of pecan and date means your cheesecake just became 100% more decadent.


Are you planning on a Veganuary this year? Are you already in the midst? Let us know how you’re getting on via social #veganuary #bionavegan #ethicaleats #newyearnewfood

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