Explore Our Rye Bread Range

Explore Our Rye Bread Range

| 28 JUN 22

Our award-winning rye breads have made a name for themselves amongst our customers who can’t help but come back to them time and time again. And we don’t blame them.

Our rye breads are made in a traditional bakery in Germany, where they have been practicing their artisan skills since 1927. It is now one of the most respected bakeries in the EU and prides itself on using environmentally friendly techniques, avoiding genetic modification and using the highest quality ingredients. The whole grains are ground just before baking for maximum freshness and quality that you will taste from your first bite.

All of our rye breads are wheat free and made from organic ingredients. The whole range is also free from added yeast as we prefer to use a natural sourdough starter that is kinder on the digestive system.

By using the whole rye grain, we benefit from all the health-giving properties it provides, notably the high fiber content and the potent starches that are beneficial for a healthy digestion. They also mean that our rye breads are lower on the glycemic index than white bread, so they won’t spike your blood sugar quickly after eating and you will feel satiated for longer. Our breads are also a source of protein as well as providing many vitamins and minerals, particularly iron and magnesium (that help fight tiredness and fatigue) and zinc (great for the immune system). All our rye breads are also dairy free and suitable for vegans.

Of course, all of the health benefits are great, but it’s the amazing taste that’s made them so popular and gained them a loyal following. Rich and nutty with a subtle sour tang our breads have a wonderfully complex flavour that pairs perfectly with a variety of foods. They’re dark, dense and studded with grains and seeds for a satisfying bite and interesting texture.

The whole range is extremely versatile and can be paired with all manner of toppings. If you’re in the mood for something sweet try a slice toasted and topped with nut butter, mashed banana and coconut blossom or date syrup. A pot of hummus or guacamole are perfect for dipping and dunking or cut a few slices into cubes, drizzle with oil and fry or bake to make your own croutons for topping soups, stews and salads.

What’s your favourite toast topper?

The range:

Biona Organic Bread Rye - Plain - 500g Biona Organic Bread Rye - Pumpernickel - 500g Biona Organic Bread Rye - Pumpkin seed - 500g Biona Organic Bread Rye - Sunflower seed - 500g  500g Biona Organic Bread Rye - Omega Golden Linseed - 500g Biona Organic Bread Rye - Chia & Flax - 500g Biona Organic Bread Rye - Hemp Seed - 500g Biona Organic Bread Rye - Amaranth & Quinoa - 500g
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