Our Authentic Italian Pasta

Our Authentic Italian Pasta

| 28 JUN 22

Our range of organic pasta is made at a traditional family-run pastificio in Northern Italy that has been mastering the art of pasta since 1908. For four generations, the family has followed the ‘slow food’ philosophy, remaining dedicated to using local ingredients and traditional techniques.


Just two ingredients make up our award winning pasta; the best quality durum wheat semolina and fresh spring water from the nearby Dolomites (which flows directly into the factory). After the dough is rolled and cut it is left out to dry in the pristine mountainous air. Doesn’t get much better than that does it?


Our range:


Generally speaking, larger shapes (like rigatoni tubes and conchiglie shells) are great for picking up chunky, robust sauces while the longer, thinner varieties (like spaghetti) are best for clinging onto a lighter more delicate sauce. That being said, choose your favourite and go with it.


Stay traditional with our white varieties or try the wholegrain versions when you want something a little more wholesome. We even have a tricolore fusilli (naturally dyed with spinach and tomato) for when you need a dash of colour in your life.

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