How to Have a Greener Black Friday

How to Have a Greener Black Friday

| 28 JUN 22

In 2019, more than ever, our attention has been focused on the possibility of real change. Activists like Greta Thunberg and the Extinction Rebellion movement have been shouting louder than ever before and the world has been taking note. It is time for real change.

Overconsumption is changing our planet negatively. An article by the Guardian describes it as ‘bursting through the physical limits of the planet that sustains us’. We cannot continue to consume in this way and Black Friday is a celebration of the frenzied marketing that panics people into needlessly spending on electrical items, fast fashion and household appliances.

But there is a way to navigate through the darkness and make sure you’re investing in the greener businesses and our planet.

Bad Deals

Aside from the fact that encouraging and celebrating mass consumerism is not an environmentally viable tactic, Black Friday is not a transparent opportunity for people. It is not even a savvy or frugal way to do your shopping. The consumer magazine, Which, found ‘87% of the Black Friday deal items we investigated were available for the same price or cheaper at other times of the year.’ It seems like no one (apart from huge profit-driven global companies) is getting a good deal, least of all the planet we occupy.

Green All Year

Of course, Biona products are green all the year round. We have an unwavering commitment to 100% organic, ethically and sustainably sourced food. We re-invest in organic farming, so when you enjoy Biona, you’re supporting a system of farming and production that’s better for the environment. Take your green credentials a step further and upcycle our recyclable glass jars and cans and use them for anything from keeping herbs fresh (place cut herbs in jars of water in your fridge door), using cans as vases for a rustic flower arrangement, or taking your lunch to work in a salad jar. Tag us in your upcycling ideas #bionaupcycle

Tips for Being Green on Black Friday

And breathe.

Before venturing online, take a breath. Sit down and assess what you really need. Is a washing machine, fancy blender and a giant TV necessary in your life right now? It’s important to consider what you absolutely need before you’re caught up in the frenzy of scarcity marketing tactics giving you FOMO and making you think it’s now or never to get that amazing-once-in-a-lifetime deal.


Once you’re certain you absolutely need a new thing, do some research on the most ethical way of purchasing it. The Ethical Consumer is a great resource for checking the shops you most like to frequent and their ethical credentials. Also check in with Which for those deals to be wary of this year.

Green alternatives

So you’re decided on your wishlist. Now check the alternative selling sites for the things you need. Gumtree, eBay, Freecyle and your social circles in case anyone is Black Friday upgrading and you can have their hand-me-downs.

Slow fashion

Creating unique looks is the beauty of vintage, second-hand, kilo sales and charity shopping. Plus, it’s really fun to go rooting around and finding bargains and gems. For high street brands, again, check Ethical Consumer for green credentials. Educate yourself on the pitfalls of fast fashion. The True Cost is an excellent documentary highlighting the effect on people and planet of an industry built on modern day slavery and unethical practices, as is Interdependence, a film supported by the Ethical Fashion Initiative (also a great resource for green fashion).

The Future

Shopping ethically isn’t always easy. It can be a minefield. But a little research and forethought can take you a long way. Once you’ve found brands you can trust it becomes easier to invest as and when you need to. Sharing, recycling and swapping are all great ways to keep the damage done by consumerism to a minimum.

How are you planning to tackle Black Friday this year? Share your thoughts and ideas with us #greenerblackfriday #biona #bionafriday

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