Biona Roots: Introducing Grape Tree

Biona Roots: Introducing Grape Tree

| 28 JUN 22
This week we’re turning the spotlight on one of the UK's fastest growing organic retailers, Grape Tree.

About Grape Tree

Grape Tree’s Roots: Launched in 2012, Grape Tree was born from a concept: ‘feel-good foods’. The founders describe these as products people love for their taste, emotional value, healthfulness and value for money. Grape Tree was created as a means of providing nutritious, natural foods to the masses, and has gone from strength to strength doing so: this year has seen the opening of the 125th Grape Tree shop in the UK! Organic Advocates: At Grape Tree, organic and ‘feel-good food’ go hand-in-hand. “When you buy organic, you’re buying in to sustainable farming and food processing methods which reduces detrimental impacts on the environment.”

We couldn’t agree more! It was this alignment of core values that made Biona a natural choice for Grape Tree shelves: “Biona’s healthy and affordable products fit in nicely amongst our own.”

We’re told that top Biona favourites amongst the Grape Tree team are our Organic Golden Linseed Rye Bread spread with a generous layer of Organic Peanut Butter– delicious, naturally filling and full of fibre and good fats!

Top Tips for Going Organic

Our friends at Grape Tree suggest branching out and exploring the organic section of your local grocery store, switching over products you use a lot of each day for their organic counterparts. Start your day with organic syrup to top your breakfast, sub out traditional wheat bread for organic rye bread at lunch and a handful of organic nuts for an afternoon pick me up (for a sweet treat, try our decadent Chocolate Coated Brazil Nuts).

Where to find Grape Tree: All around the UK! Find your nearest store here. Instagram: @GrapeTreeFoods Facebook: @GrapeTree2012 https://www.grapetree.co.uk/

Grape Tree’s SIMPLE Spiced Chickpeas


1x tin of Biona Organic Chickpeas

Chilli Powder

Ground Coriander


Smoked Paprika


Extra Virgin Olive Oil to fry


This one is for the ease-cooks amongst us who want something quick, healthy and delicious! All you need to do is toss the chickpeas in a frying pan with the olive oil and spices.

Fry for 4 minutes or so until crispy and golden. Enjoy atop a jacket potato, tossed into a salad or even as a moorish afternoon snack!

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