Vegan Apple and Rhubarb Breakfast Pots

Serves: 3 Prep: 5_mins


Use the last of your organic rhubarb and apple purée to make these indulgent breakfast pots. Served alongside our organic coconut cream, granola and fresh berries, they make the perfect start to any day.


For the Layers:

6 tbsp coconut yoghurt - we used our homemade Biona Coconut Yoghurt - click here for the recipe.

3 tbsp Biona Organic Apple and Rhubarb Puree

3 tbsp Biona Organic Pure Oaty Granola 

For Topping:

Strawberries, raspberries or blueberries

Drizzle of Biona Organic Agave Light Syrup


  1. Distribute the yoghurt to 3 small breakfast pots or glass jars. We used a clean and dry Biona Organic jar when it was finished! 
  2. Add the Biona Organic Apple and Rhubarb Puree on top, then the Biona Organic Breakfast Granola and a selection of fresh fruit.
  3. Serve and enjoy - a quick, easy and delicious Biona breakfast!

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