Independent Stockist Spotlight: Hackney Fresh

Independent Stockist Spotlight: Hackney Fresh

| 28 JUN 22

We're shining the light on Hackney Fresh, an independent health food store located on Hackney high street.

We caught up with Savban, the owner, to find out how his store has evolved over the years and how the global pandemic has affected business.

When did Hackney Fresh first open and what is the story behind the store?

"We have always cared about sustainability, plastic free living and having a zero waste life style in our whole life as a family.

But after having triplets in 2013 we had extra worries about our baby’s foods and supplements. We wanted to raise them with clean products that were ethically sourced, organic and healthy.

We used to live at Upper Clapton and at that time to get healthy products I had to travel 4 miles which was not convenient for us. Hackney Central really needed to have a store to sell organic, sustainable, ethically sourced and healthy products. That is why I opened Hackney Fresh in November 2014."

How has Hackney Fresh evolved over the years?

"Our ethos is always being the change itself. We never stand still, we always like changing direction, supporting local producers and trying to awaken the community so that they can reach easily sustainable, plastic free, zero waste, local, organic and healthy products."

How has Covid-19 impacted Hackney Fresh?

"The community was so anxious and worried for the first few weeks of covid. Because no one is able to predict the near future, everyone wanted long shelf life products such as flours, pastas, rice, grains, etc. A few weeks later everyone calmed down and understood they will still be able to get food easily, especially in their local store, Hackney Fresh. We have an excellent supply chain and we were never in short supply of food, supplements or cleaning products.

We also never ever put up our prices. We served our customers as we did before.

We also started to offer free hand sanitiser to protect the community as well as extending our opening and closing hours. We also sell hand sanitiser, face masks and face shields."

What items have been most popular over the last few months?

"Most popular products have been vitamin C, vitamin D, zinc, oregano oil, echinacea, Jack Fruit, Tempeh, Tony`s Chocolate, flour, fresh and dry yeast."

Find Hackney Fresh on Instagram and Facebook or pop in to their store at 334 Mare St, Kingsland, London E8 1HA.


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