Survive and Thrive Through Lockdown

When home is your workplace, the boundaries can get blurry. In times of ongoing stress and worry, it’s important to show care and compassion to one another, but it’s also so important to take care of YOU.

So, we’ve put together our favourite tips for boosting physical and mental wellbeing from the safety of home. Working from home or not, these tips will always serve you well.

Work Mode: Deactivated

Choose a workspace

Whether you’re on the kitchen table, study or even your bedroom, finding a way to separate ‘work’ from home is so important. Simply putting away your work/study things each day can help stop it creeping into your down time.

Honour your lunch and breaktimes

Did you know we’re actually more productive with regular short breaks and a decent lunchtime?

Cooking up a balanced lunch is a triple win: a change of activity (beneficial for fatigue), a nutrient boost and a pleasurable moment. Self-care to a tee!

Our veg-packed Vegan Jackfruit Pad Thai is ready in under half an hour. Or, if you’re stumped for time,  stack a few slices of our Rye Bread with avocado and all the toppings for a quick but satisfying lunch.

Transition time

Whatever it is you’ve spent the bulk of your day doing, it’s a great idea to gently ease yourself out of it. This can be as simple as a walk around the block, yoga, meditation or cooking (inspiration here).

Keep on Moving


Hunching over a desk for long periods can cause serious short and long-term pain . Why not use some of those regular break times to try some desk stretches?

Work(out) From Home

Factoring exercise in every day ensures you those all-important endorphins, along with a whole host of other benefits. Lottie Murphy is brilliant for easy-to-follow Pilates routines and we still love Joe Wicks for family-friendly workouts.

Walk About It

It may be cold outside, but a brisk half-hour walk at lunchtime gets you some very welcome fresh air and will refresh your mind for the rest of the day.

Factor in Fun

If anything will help you thrive through these challenging times, it’s joy. Planning in lots of fun activities gives you things to look forward to, and keeps that Groundhog Day feeling at bay.

Get Creative

We advocate swapping screen-time for crafting, even if you don’t have yourself down as the arty type. At Biona, we love an upcycling project – you’d be surprised at how many things you can do with some used tins and jars!

Stay Connected

Yes, some groan at the thought of another family Zoom quiz, but they’re a great way to keep connected and have some laughs (try Musingo for the closest we’ve seen to a party for a long time). Failing that, a simple phone call with a friend or loved one can turn your (and their) day around.


How are you doing this lockdown? Tell us what you’re creating, cooking, watching or listening to on socials.






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